I am a skilled and versatile editor with years of experience across a wide range of niche genres in addition to general prose: technology, food, sailing, parenting, science fiction, multiple non-English languages and linguistics, and travel, among others. (You can see the range of my interests on my profile at Quora.com.) In fact, I can edit almost anything. If it’s not a topic I’m already versed in, by the time I finish your project, I will have learned a great deal more about it than when I started. 

I love organizing your scattered thoughts into a neat package, and helping you find that missing element in your sprawling or too sparse story. I can preserve your voice so that you would never know I’d touched your work, except that somehow, it seems better than when it left your hands. (Track changes is great for showing where the magic was done.) Or, I can make you sound the way you do in your best dreams.

I also provide social justice-focused cultural competency consulting and coaching.  (That work lives at Shades Between and the Dictionary of Social Justice.)

Contact me now to discuss rates and scheduling.

Writer/Editor/CopyEditor/Graphic and Web Design